Case Study Evaluations

Throughout the term you will progressively complete all three case studies. You will submit your case study progress two times during the term for progress evaluations. Each of these deliverables will contribute towards your final project report and are worth 20 points each. The purpose of these deliverables are to provide you with ample time to methodically develop your final project and it allows me to provide feedback to help shape your final project.

The following describes each deliverable and provides the expectations based on the final project standards:

Deliverable Description Due Date Standards
1 In this first submission I am looking for you to define the goal, perform exploratory data analysis, and pre-process your data to clean up any abnormalities. I also expect you to have partitioned your data and, at a minimum, have applied a naive forecasting methodology. Friday, October 27 NLT 11:59PM ET 1.1-5.4
2 In this second submission I expect you to build onto the first deliverable by refining any of your discussion regarding goal definition, exploratory data analysis, and data pre-processing. Furthermore, I expect you to have applied multiple forecasting methodologies to your data and compared their performances. Friday, November 17 NLT 11:59PM ET 1.1-6.3