XLMiner Installation Instructions

Please follow the steps below to ensure successful installation of the XLMiner software.

Warning for Mac users

If you have a Mac – the installation-based Analytic Solver Platform software is only available for PC (sorry!). However, they have a cloud-based solution at www.AnalyticSolver.com/student that you can register for and use. Using AnalyticSolver.com is just like using a Google doc – you need internet access and the files live and breathe in the cloud, as it were. Everything you need for your course should be accessible there: just make sure you’re using a Chrome browser and that the files you’re uploading are saved as xlsx.

Registration Procedure

  1. Go to www.AnalyticSolver.com/Student
  2. Fill out the form on this page. All of the information is required.

Use SPTSF3 for the Textbook Code and LOGM630BB17F for the Course Code. I suggest you copy and paste these two values and ensure you do not reverse them.

Check the box to acknowledge that you accept the Frontline Systems license agreement. Note: Frontline receives no money from you, or the textbook publisher, or the university; this free 140-day license is a courtesy they offer to students.

Click the button Proceed. If you just plan on accessing the cloud-based software, you’re done! Just click the get started button.

Download and Install Procedure

  1. Go to www.analyticsolver.com and Log In, if you’re not logged in already, with the account you just created. Once logged in, you will see a Download Analytic Solver button available along the top right. Click this button and download the installer.
  2. Make sure that Excel is closed (not running), then run the SolverSetup program.
  3. The SolverSetup program will prompt you to choose between Analytic Solver Platform, Risk Solver Platform and XLMiner. Choosing Analytic Solver Platform gives you all the features of Risk Solver Platform and XLMiner, so this is usually the best choice. You can change this choice later in Excel, by choosing a menu option Help – Change Product on the Ribbon.
  4. When the SolverSetup program finishes, start Excel (the last Setup dialog prompts you to do this). You should see new tabs on the Ribbon for Analytic Solver Platform or Risk Solver Platform, and XLMiner. Click the Solver Platform tab – you should see a “Welcome” dialog with various links. Use the Help dropdown menu to open Help text, the User Guide and Reference Guide, and load example workbooks.

Software Troubleshooting

If you have problems, the best avenues to get help are to email support@solver.com (this creates a support ticket in Frontline’s Help Desk) or start a Live Chat from any page on www.solver.com, or from within Excel (Help – Support Live Chat).

Learning the Software

You can find tutorials and videos on the course textbook’s website: http://www.forecastingbook.com/resources